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Morning Cup o’ Metal

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Well, now that work is slowing down a bit, get ready for an orgy of posts today from yours truly. Speaking of orgy, does anyone even remember this flash-in-the-pan band that is merely a speedbump in the nu-metal/goth metal scene?

Orgy really hit the map with their remake of Blue Monday on their album Candyass. I caught these guys live once, but was completely unimpressed. Truth be told, I really went to see the opening group Videodrone (containing most of the members of Cradle of Thorns). I’ll admit, I listened to Candyass so many times that I swear that I wore a groove into the CD…if that’s possible.

Today’s track is off that album and is probably my favorite track off the album, ‘Revival’ and it features Jonathan Davis from Korn doing backup vocals with Jay Gordon…doesn’t hurt really that J. Davis brought out the group on their Elementree Records label.

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