Mornin’ Cup o’ British

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Well there’s no one to take this week’s Mornin’ Cup so I thought I’d try my hand at it. Over the 5 days, I’ll take a look at my personal favourite 5 British bands and a taster of the music they’ve produced. Today’s offering is Muse’s Knights of Cydonia, off the 2006 album Black Holes & Revelations. I’ve been a fan of Muse ever since I first heard their debut album, Showbiz and it was a blast when I recently saw them live for the first time last week. (possible gig review up soon) Now as well as having great music, the main thing I love about Muse is how skilled they are as musicians. Now people argue that Matt Bellamy just puts effects on his guitars to sound better and to be fair, he does put a lot of effects on his guitars. But even then, that’s no reason to take away his skill as a guitarist. It might not come across as well on the studio albums but if you watch or hear him perform live, then you can see how skilled with the guitar he really is. This is one reason why I picked Knights of Cydonia. It’s a perfect example of Muse’s skills as musicians but it also showcases how a song can be made better when played live. It also happens to be a pretty damn good song and probably my personal favourite Muse song.

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