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Apple on Tuesday announced it expects sales of its new streaming-centric Apple TV to top a not to shabby benchmark in sales numbers. That number is, one million units. Which they expect to hit later this week, before Christmas and within three months of the device’s launch.

The news shows that sales of the Apple TV, famously referred to as Apple’s “hobby,” have not slowed since the device was released in late September. Apple revealed in October that the set top box had sold more than 250,000 in its first six weeks of availability. Strong demand for the Apple TV at launch led some to predict that the device would sell 1 million per quarter, thanks in part to its aggressive $99 price.

The new Apple TV also represented a shift for the company, pushing studios to allow 99 cent rentals of TV shows, rather than costlier permanent purchases. But some studios have been reluctant to participate, calling Apple’s 99-cent model too inexpensive. too inexpensive? Oh, sorry, those guys still adhere to the we’ll charge you up the ass and have a couple of people buy. Instead of here it is cheap, everyone pile in.

The newly updated Apple TV also managed to make Time magazine’s list of the top 10 gadgets of 2010, coming in at No. 7. The iPad was the top gadget, while the new MacBook Air took fourth, and the iPhone 4 was sixth. I’m SO glad I bought my stock in Apple while it was cheap.

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