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Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit: The Complete Series on DVD

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Can the young Prince Chagum escape death after being suspected of demonic possession? Possibly he can live with the help of the bodyguard Balsa. Pick up, Moribito, Guardian of the Spear: The Complete Series, DVD or Blu-ray, and add this exciting anime to your collection.



If there’s ever a time in your life where you needed your life protected, I sure hope you find someone like Balsa. Matter of fact and seemly unflappable Balsa is a highly skilled spear wielding warrior looking for work as a body guard, so she can complete her vow of saving eight worthy souls. With only one more soul to save she is summoned before the Empress and given a most dire request, take her son away from the castle and protect him. Her son, Chagum is rumored to be possessed by an demon that could bring calamity to the land and has been secretly condemned to death by his father, the Emperor. Accepting the task to complete her vow, Balsa and Chagum ride off into the night and start an adventure full of assassination attempts, spirits, and maybe a little personal growth.

At 30 years old, Balsa is considered a mature woman by anime standards, which is terrible news for me, and gives a refreshing look at from the typical anime heroine. No fan service here either my friends, Balsa is dressed very conservatively, as are all characters in this anime. No boob armor or iron bikinis for this spear wielding warrior woman. It’s like this anime doesn’t use over sexualized female characters to gain viewers. Weird right? Well don’t lose your fedoras just yet, what Morbito lacks in the breast department it really makes up for in its visually stimulating animation. With director of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Eden of the East, Kenji Kamiyama behind the wheel, fight scenes are smooth and flawless along with overall superb animation quality throughout the whole series. The story is steady with lots of secrets to reveal about the characters, including Balsa herself.

A fantastic anime for anyone who is burnt out on the typical scantly-clad, whiny school girl heroine and cliché story line. Fans of Ghost in the Shell and Kamiyama’s previous works will definitely be putting Balsa on their top anime bad ass list.

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