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Mondays Have Become Manga-days

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I can’t even try for a good pun anymore.


For the past couple of months, about 9 weeks would be more appropriate, I’ve been purchasing Weekly Shonen Jump and have been loving every single moment. I know that I’m WPR’s corporate shill for all things Viz Media, but don’t take this as an infomercial because it truly isn’t. I’ve not been compensated or have even been given a free yearly membership, each week I pay out a whole DOLLAR for 200 ish pages of delicious same-week manga as the readers in Japan get.

To be completely honest, I was one of the people who used to hit up my local magazine shop and pick up the giant volume of Shonen Jump before it became a weekly and online only, so paying a fraction of the price weekly to get the same content is a boondoggle as I question how they make a profit as I’d be likely to pay double for the service… which I technically am since I pay each week.

If I were to purchase a yearly membership for $26, I could get 52 volumes, one a week for $0.50 each. Which now that I put it in print, I need to do that like yesterday and save me some monies.

Right now the lineup for WSJ consists of fan favorites like Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto but I find myself picking it up to be caught up on other stories like World Trigger, Nisekoi, and my absolute favorite…One-Punch Man (the amount of detail in some of the panels is staggering!). The issues don’t have the same content each week with some series getting a week off, and others being shifted to the front of the book. If you know anything about the Japanese Manga trade, usually the success of a manga is based on feedback from customers, and it’s great that we Americans how have a say in what series get published each week since the surveys are applicable to US readers, though I’d wager we’re a much lower number of surveys.

In all honesty, if you’d like to know how manga works read the series Bakuman because it’s a damn good story and also an unabashedly candid and meta manga about writing manga, ok that’s perhaps the most strange sentence I’ve ever written before.

The app that I use to read each week’s issue is available for iOS, Android, and if you’re reading on a computer there’s a web based version you can read. It’s super easy and one hell of a bargain. It’s strange to have something media related that I actually have to wait for, but it really makes my day when it shows up, and I get through my first reading in about an hour. Then, I start all over again.

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