Ryan Thomason

Mmmm, Dwarves.

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Fall of Dorkun is arriving soon, and it’s a Dwarf-fest. Is dwarf-fest a word? Whatever, Dwarves, Smashing shit, being Dwarves.

Book three, has finally hit the Limited Edition Hardcover (75 total, they’ll sell fast, so no procrastinating) on the Seventh Star ordering site. Wait, where the hell are books 1 and 2 you ask? Well, Seventh Star is re-releasing The Brotherhood of Dwarves and Red Sky at Dawn when Fall of Dorkun hits shelves, and I’m sure they’ll do a killer package deal. As a publisher that likes to splash some drawn pages into their books, The Fall of Dorkhun also marks the debut of Seventh Star Press’ newest artist, Bonnie Wasson, that I’ll include below.

Book Synopsis:

The Fall of Dorkuhn continues the story of the dwarf Roskin. In the newest adventure of the series, Roskin returns home to a kingdom divided by war with the ogres. On one side, his father desires to restore peace, but on the other, Master Sondious, seeking revenge for having been crippled, seeks to escalate aggression against the ogres Roskin and his friends make a desperate attempt to resolve the growing rift, but unknown to the dwarves, new and powerful menaces threaten to destroy the entire kingdom…

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