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Mitch Clem Announces “Turnstile Comix”

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Mitch Clem is personally my favorite comic creator and did more to get me interested in comics then any superhero book has since. I have eagerly anticipated his announcement of his next comic endeavorer, “Turnstile Comix”.

From the official annoucment:

Minneapolis’ Slow Death are a veritable punk rock super group. Comprised of ex-members of such luminaries as Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels, the Ergs, and the Rest of Us, these gentleman play a familiar style of melancholly, country-tinged midwestern punk of the exceptional quality you’d expect delivered from such seasoned veterans.

And deliver they do! This 7″ features four brand new Slow Death songs so goddamn good it’ll make your parents get back together!

Meanwhile, cartoonist Mitch Clem (Nothing Nice to Say, My Stupid Life) and his watercoloring cohert Nation of Amanda present an original, 40-page comic book illustrating some of Slow Death/Falling Angels frontman Jesse “Swan” Thorson’s craziest road stories!

It’s a team-up for the ages as punk rock band and punk rock cartoonist join forces to try and stop the evil goat-faced demon known as you being bored!

You can also check Mitch’s other work at his website.

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