Ryan Wilson

Miracle Kidz Announces Video Game Sequel You Didn’t Know You Wanted

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Japanese game developer Miracle Kidz has announced that they were hard at work at developing Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari 2. While Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari likely doesn’t sound familiar, if you grew up during the time of the NES, you likely played it under the name of River City Ransom.

Scheduled to be released in Summer on “home consoles” and as an online PC game in 2012, Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari 2 will feature the efforts of a number of the original staffers as well as some “core players”.

River City Ransom was a classic early attempt to create a beat-em-up fighting game with RPG elements, so Miracle Kidz is treading in some really sacred ground here. Let’s just hope the game lives up to its legacy.

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