Jill Seale

Minecraft Version 1.6 is on the Horizon, Expect Maps and Hatches

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If you spend more time wandering around lost than building in Minecraft, the newest update might have just what you need. Notch has released the notes for the latest patch to his blocky opus and the big news coming out of it is maps.

The spot where you create your map will serve as a midpoint and as you walk around the world holding your map (as shown above) you’ll begin to reveal those areas of the map. Apparently your map will only cover a certain radius around where it was crafted, and will only reveal the surface (no cave maps yet), but this is still a big development in the world of Minecraft.

Kinda like this, but with more blocks.

In other not-so-big-but-still-pretty-cool news, hatches will be making their debut upon release of the new patch. Unlike doors, they will take up only one block’s worth of space and will open up. Also, they’ll keep water at bay whether they’re open or closed, so expect to see them all over the place in a Rapture recreation near you.

On top of these new additions are a ton of bug fixes, which you can read all about on Notch’s personal blog. So, what do you say? Are maps and hatches enough to get you to fire Minecraft back up, or have you heard too many nice things about a certain other multiplayer sandbox game lately?

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