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Mind the Gap #1-#4 – Comics Review

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Elle’s adventure in her mind continues to impress.

Mind the Gap #1-#4
Writer: Jim McCann
Artist: Rodin Esquejo & Sonia Oback
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $2.99/each

Just one look at Mind the Gap‘s unorthodox storytelling method and it’s easy to tell that this was originally planned as scripted for television. Whenever we see our main character, Elle Peterssen, she is either comatose in a hospital bed or in the empty recesses in her mind, which would make for a simple one-camera set. Thankfully, the artists keep the story visually interesting with uniquely stylized peeks into fragmented pieces of her mind as she tries to piece together who exactly is the “Hoodie” who tried to murder her.

Those with short attention spans may want to steer clear from Mind the Gap, as it requires quite a bit of thought to understand just what the hell is going on. Like any good murder mystery, “Hoodie” could be anyone. All images of “Hoodie” have been vague enough where skin color, weight, and gender are ambiguous.

My only real complaint with the story so far lies in the “Filling in the Gap” section that takes up the final pages of the story. “Filling in the Gap” puts too little faith on the reader, as it begins to explain the little hints the reader should have picked up on the issue you just read. Explaining the story, simply put, comes off as sloppy storytelling, and Mind the Gap is certainly better than that.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend you add Mind the Gap to your reading list, under the condition you read the first three issues first. This is certainly not a story to jump into the middle of.

Judge for yourself: DIGITAL

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