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Merlin: The Drawing of the Dark, Review

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Now that there are only two more episodes left of Merlin on SyFy, The Drawing in the Dark sets the stage for the series finale…that aired in Britain on the BBC some 6 months ago.

For that reason, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.


Eff you Mordred.

Ok, maybe a bit more than that just to be a little more civil.

Eff your Wife/whatever she is too.

OK. Now, I swear I’ll get around to what I wanted to say. Merlin is all out desperate to save Arthur from his destiny. Which is death on the battlefield against Morgana and the Saxans. Death by yes, Mordred. It seems though that as Merlin tries so hard to keep destiny from happening, as Gaius pointed out. Destiny is a woven thing, you can’t change it, it only binds tighter. Something to that accord. As Merlin kept trying to decide on how to deal with Mordred, he was the eventual reason for Arthur sentencing the woman that Mordred loved for murdering Knights of Camelot. Which Mordred is also.

mordred and kara on Merlin “The Drawing of the Dark,”Confused yet? Well, maybe you should be following the show more closely. Fate is a simple thing, as Merlin is finding out. With Mordred finally pushing Arthur away and joining Morgana, revealing to her that Merlin is Emrys the one who has been eluding her, and will be her doom. The stage is set for the final two episodes of this fantastic series. Yes. I could most likely stop being one of the 100 people in the world that are fans of the show and hasn’t seen the ending yet. Maybe I just want to give SyFy my attention for bringing this show from the BBC. Maybe I’m too lazy to torrent the episodes. Maybe. I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks though to see how it all ends. And yes, I still have no idea how it all ends. I’ve walled myself that far in.

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