James Helsby

Mental note: Never download a movie via torrent

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In case you missed the news yesterday, US Copyright Group is handing down 23,000 subpoena’s to individuals and ISPs that download the flick Expendables illegally through bittorrent.

In the largest case of it’s kind, the US Copyright Group is moving forward with it’s efforts to sue individuals who illegally downloaded the Expendables video through Bittorrent, the ‘popular’ P2P transfer protocol.

The 23,000 individuals targeted for downloading this one film, is only a portion of the whole. The remainder amounts to 140,000 potential lawsuits for various B-Rated movies and Porn.

Accounting to wired,

Not all federal judges, are agreeing to allow a massive number of subpoenas in a single case, but many are. The U.S. Copyright Act allows damages of up to $150,000 per infringement, and the cases all demand the maximum.

The threat is enough to scare me, how about you?


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