Alan Smithee

Meet the Aliens of Battle: Los Angeles

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Warning…if you do not want to see what the newest batch of aliens look like for the upcoming alien invasion movie, Battle: Los Angeles. Do not proceed! Those that want to see, by all means continue!

So if you’re seeing this, that means that you have a general interest as to what our alien overlords will look like. Well, at least their foot soldiers. Keep in mind that these pictures are very much behind the scenes images of the basic models of the aliens. You can guarantee that when the movie is actually out, they’ll be overly CGI’d.

I have a hard time placing my finger on what they look like exactly, but if I had to guess, they look vaguely human as far as anatomy is concerned. Who knows, these guys might end up being humans who were converted into foot soldiers. I guess we’ll not know until the movie comes out.

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