Ryan Thomason

Meet your new WPR Comics Editor, Adrienne Fox!

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It’s official! We now have our first Comics Editor. You should already know her from all the reviews and coverage she’s been doing on WPR for us lately. It is none other than Adrienne Fox, who will be taking our comic book coverage to another level! She’s forming a new comic book team that will be delivering you nothing but the best in previews, reviews and comic industry coverage! There are going to be some changes coming soon in how we cover the comic book industry. Mostly a whole heck of a lot more of it!

We are so, so genuinely proud of the work that she has been putting in with the short amount of time she has been with WatchPlayRead. Adrienne, knows her stuff and from what we see coming down the pipes you guys are going to be well rewarded. We couldn’t be happier with this decision to have Adrienne helm our comic book division!

And now, we get back to work! Also, enjoy one of Adrienne’s favorite comic book covers.


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