Medal of Honor: Warfighter, First Impression

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I think the video game companies got together in the off season and decided they would release three of the most important first person shooters all within weeks of each other just to see where the public’s loyalty lies. We are talking about the newest Medal of Honor War fighter a supposed bitter rival to the juggernaut and perennial powerhouse that is Call of Duty Black Ops II. This on top of the much anticipated HALO 4, which I’m guessing will sell roughly 100,000 copies…in the first 20 seconds. I rushed to the rental store last night to grab my copy of Warfighter and make a mad dash home. Once I’m home I sit for the next 15 minutes while my Xbox 360 installs a series of larger and painstakingly slow updates. Right off the bat.

And that brings me to my first problem with this game.

Ok, so the updates are slow and more than likely that is my crappy internet to blame for that. But, unfortunately my complaints don’t stop there. This is my first video game that I have had to adjust the volume multiple times throughout a level. The speaking parts are too soft so you turn up to hear what is happening, then when the shooting begins the battle sounds like it’s in the other room. I tried but couldn’t find a happy medium through any of the levels. My other complaint is that this feels like we’ve played this before, no not the same story line but there’s nothing ground breaking nothing over the top, and that’s disappointing. Now with all that said this game isn’t horrible or even bad on the contrary it is a blast, literally.

The graphics much like all other games these days are incredible, everything has amazing textures and looks like it could be a movie. Now, my next point might seem strange to everyone but hear me out. It seems to me that over the last few years games have really been making a stride with the individual sounds of guns, bombs, and explosions. For me this is even more evident in this game, no two guns sound the same and to a first person lover like me, that is a big deal. We want the realism without having to duck at incoming rounds and War Fighter delivers. I will say I haven’t finished the game but being over half way through the coolest most realistic aspect of this game is playing as a sniper in one part of a mission. You are trying to clear out a beach head with a sniper rifle, your targets range from 90 to over 200 meters. Seems easy right, wrong, Medal of Honor designers took the realism up a notch and they make you dope your scope when taking the longer range shots. What does this mean? Well your scope is set for 100 meters, which means that anything above or below that 100 meters you have to hold the crosshairs the corresponding above or below the target. I know it’s not a big deal and it only last for that short part of the mission, but it hasn’t ever been done from what I remember, thus the cool factor increases.

What’s the bottom line? Well, first off get a better internet connection for the updates, and don’t expect to be blown away. That’s not so say you won’t have a blast shooting your way around the world. Basically, once again I don’t think Call of Duty Black Ops II has to duck at any incoming rounds.

I give it 3 out of 5.

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