Mass Effect 2 “Arrival” DLC Trailer Makes Me Want To Fork Over My Cash

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I’ve never paid for any Mass Effect DLC, but I think I want to pick this one up. Once I beat both Mass Effect games I felt like I was done, none of the DLC made me feel like I was missing anything.

Sure the Shadow Broker for ME2 made gave me a little excited, but shouldn’t something thats apparently so good be included in the full game? When it comes to a full story like the Mass Effect games, anything else just seems like fan fiction.

“Arrival”, though, looks pretty cool and the way they’re showing it off seems more like a full fledged game than just some DLC. We’ll see how it shapes up come March 29th.

Mass Effect 2 Arrival will hit you for the low price of 560 Microsoft points or in people money $6.99.

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