Marvel Universe- Archangel Review

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I finally got my hands on the “2010 Fan’s Choice Winner!” Archangel. Last year Hasbro gave the fans an opportunity to choose what figure they wanted the most, and Archangel was the winner. I have been looking for this figure for approximately three months. With the recent release of the variant I was wondering if I would ever see it. Luckily I have friends in low places.

He is an extremely attractive figure. The body itself is just less than four inches tall. With the wings attached he gains another inch in height. The wings have a span of six and a half inches. The paint applications are very well done, and the head sculpt and wing sculpt are excellent.


The wings have the ability to fold in and out or in essence to flap.


If the secondary wings are placed outside, he can wrap the winds completely around him.


My biggest problem with the wings is that they were so busy thinking about moving them in and out, that he is not able to move them up and down. If they had attached the secondary wings separately or in a different spot on the primary wings, the spot where the wings join the body could have been minimized to a single rounded point. The wings would then be free to move up and down, and almost doubling the wingspan.


My biggest problem with the figure as a whole has the choice of body. They used the same body as Black Suit Spider-Man Iron Spider-Man, Human Torch, and Silver Surfer. It is an excellently made body, however it is rather small. The problem is that the wings are so heavy that the body as trouble supporting the weight. A larger body would have fixed this problem, such as the one used on Union Jack and Guardian. I’m sure it was a price point decision; in order to keep cost down they used a smaller body to save money.

Over all this is an excellent figure retailing at $7.99. However, it is not worth the $20 to $60 eBay price. More are scheduled to be released at the end of August with the next wave, buy it then. A Variant is currently available in most stores, despite what you might hear the variant is easier to find than the regular figure, as it doesn’t come with the full wings, but a small collapsed set. However it does have an excellent head sculpt of the gold “Death Mask.” In October a variant will be made available with the X-Force Costume. It is exclusive to Marvel digital comics. If you want it you most sign up, and it is “free” plus the price of shipping, like Nick Fury was last year.

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