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Marvel Anime Looks…Kinda Cool

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Marvel at SDCC this weekend, decided to finally share with us the new ‘anime’ versions of two of its hottest franchises at the moment, those being Iron Man and Wolverine. These are only the first two of the four anime that Marvel has decided to make. The good news is that the animation is done by Madhouse (Paprika) and is bound to be good, the bad news is that the Japanese have a weird view of how Wolverine should look. PR and movie poster and additional video after the jump.

marvel anime

Marvel Entertainment Inc., has partnered with renowned Japanese animation studio Madhouse (Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers) and multiple-Eagle Award winner Warren Ellis to create four all new anime versions of classic Marvel Super Heroes. Get an exciting first glimpse of IRON MAN and WOLVERINE, two of the planned four series!

These Marvel Anime TV series are being created as a way of merging the beloved Marvel Super Heroes of western culture with the bold animation tradition of Japan. The resulting product will be four visually groundbreaking anime series featuring popular Super Heroes redesigned and repurposed as emerging from the fabric of Japanese culture. The series is expected to begin appearing on the Animax channel in Japan in spring of 2010.

Madhouse, Inc., established in 1972 with offices in Tokyo, Los Angeles and Beijing, is one of the top animation studios in the world working exclusively with some of Japan’s top anime directors. They have created many well-known titles such as worldwide hits Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, Trigun, Tokyo Godfathers, and Metropolis, Japanese successful TV series such as “Death Note” and “Nana”, as well as Paprika (an Official Selection at the 2006 Venice Film Festival) and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2007 Japanese Academy Award for Best Film – Animation)

I can’t wait to see who else they’ll give the anime treatment to, maybe we’ll see a Hulk movie? How about a Psylocke one?

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