Martha Mary May Marlene – Movie Review

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Maybe we shouldn’t try to see every movie that comes across our desk to be pre-screened.

Martha Mary May Marlene is the story of a young woman who belongs to a cult and escapes after two years. She finds refuge with her older sister and brother in law at a luxury rental home on a lake in Connecticut. Martha has disturbing flashbacks to her time with the cult , including scenes of sexual assault, robbery and murder. The movie focuses on Martha’s struggle to assimilate back into the real world.


Elizabeth Olsen is amazing in this movie and does a great job with her role.


Everything Else.

This movie has won high praise including serveral awards but I would call it one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It is so long I thought it would never end. Several people must have had the same thought because they left the movie early. I love indie films but Martha Marcy May Marlene jsut tries way too hard. This movie is a perfect example why people don’t like Indie films because everything about it is trying to be shocking and unusual and in your face. Music and sound are used as an active member instead of a compliment to the story. Which is really interesting except that the sound was so annoying I stuck my fingers in my ears several times!

I was really excited to see this but I left the theater wishing I had never been introduced to Martha Marcy May Marlene.

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