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Marco Polo – Netflix’s New Series

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Marco PoloThe Weinstein Company has taken the helm of producing a new series for Netflix, one that will be taking us all the way back to 13th Century China as we follow the legendary explorer Marco Polo on his travels. The show is said to have all of the elements that make up a good period-piece episodic series like action, adventure, war, and a splash of politics thrown in for good measure.The series is going to be created by John Fusco (Hidalgo) and was originally slated to be on Starz but wound up on Netflix after the Cable channel passed it up. I only wish I were talking about the silly game that people play whilst in swimming pools. Could you imagine 13 episodes of random people playing that? One episode could be about how everyone was getting pruney while another would go into the ‘fish out of water’ players and why they did so.

Instead we’ll essentially be watching Star Trek just with a wooden ship and the alien cultures are just those along the trade route…wait that sounds awesome!

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