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MÄR Now Available on Netflix

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Have you officially ran out of shows to watch on your Netflix instant queue? Are you dying for a new anime action series that doesn’t last 300+ episodes? Well then have I got the perfect show for you.

MÄR (prounounced mehr (rhymes with dare)) is a 102 episode anime series that was originally a 15 volume manga series created by Nobuyuki Anzai and chronicles the story of a young boy named Ginta who is sucked into the world of MÄR one day while at school. When he arrives, he learns that he was summoned to help defeat the “Chess Pieces” who are destroying the world of MÄR.

The world of MÄR is mainly based upon fairy tales (MÄR is short for MÄRchen which is the German word for fairy tale) and various other fantasy settings. To help him in his quest is the ÄRM named Babbo, a sentient weapon that has unique powers, and a handful of other heroes that call themselves Team MÄR.

The first 52 episodes of this great series were added to Netflix instant yesterday and they come highly recommended by me as I’ve already caught up with the first 43 on so far and am looking forward to getting home this morning to watch a few more, especially with no commercials!

In case you were wondering the series is rated TV-PG as there’s some violence and spooky stuff, but nothing REALLY bad…this would make a good series to get your younger kids hooked on anime with much like the original Dragon Ball series was for people my age.

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