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Manga Review: World Trigger Volume 6

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World Trigger Volume 6 sees the beginning of a new Neighbor invasion that tests the limits of Border and its agents.

World Trigger Volume 6

World Trigger Volume 6

Written by: Daisuke Ashihara
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: July 7, 2015

Volume 6 opens with a swarm of the Neighbors’ Trion soldiers swarming out of several gates. Various Border agents start taking on the soldiers, but it’s quickly revealed that there’s more than meets the eye with these soldiers. It’s a “shell game,” where a new and previously unknown type of Trion soldier emerges from the soldiers the Border agents initially defeat.

Of course, having a new and unknown enemy causes chaos for both the Border agents and the higher-ups at headquarters. Volume 6 captures this chaos well, and the reactions of the various characters in this situation come across as believable. Unfortunately, some of the Border agents act too rashly on the field, but their rashness unveils some important information about the new Trion soldiers. And the chaos becomes worse when the Neighbors launch a surprise attack directly on Border Headquarters.

Volume 6 also introduces the reader to the humanoid Neighbors who have come from Aftokrator to undertake this attack. And near the end of the volume, the reader learns what the enemy’s ultimate objective is for the invasion. I really liked the art style used for the humanoid Neighbors, and the initial pages that introduced them look very crisp and clear. There was also an atmosphere to the panels featuring the humanoid Neighbors that makes the reader feel as if these characters are otherworldly and sinister.

Osamu also receives some focus in Volume 6, as he and Yuma find themselves surrounded by Neighbors. Fortunately, they’re able to receive assistance from one of the squads. But Osamu and Yuma find themselves being separated when headquarters orders Osamu is ordered to help the C-Rank trainees while Yuma is given other orders. Osamu has come to rely on Yuma in their battles, so it looks like it will become a test for him when he’s forced to go off on his own. But in the end an A-Rank agent volunteers to go with him, so it looks like he’ll have someone new to fall back on. But Osamu surprises the reader when he’s forced into a situation where he has to take on a Trion soldier by himself.

This volume introduces some new characters, in addition to all of the characters that the reader already knows. The amount of characters in this series is probably one of my biggest frustrations with World Trigger. A lot of characters have been thrown out there, but the reader has only truly gotten to know a small handful of them at this point. Because of the number of characters, I’ve been having a hard time remembering a lot of names or recognizing characters when I see them. I know who some of the characters are, due to seeing them a lot and having their names referenced. But there are a lot of characters that I just can’t remember easily.

World Trigger Volume 6 does a good job of starting the Neighbors’ invasion and building up the chaos and confusion that develops as the attack gets underway. I also appreciated seeing that Osamu received a small bit of development here as well. This volume should be a satisfying continuation of the series for readers who have been following World Trigger since Volume 1, and these readers will appreciate seeing the action and character interactions that have come to be associated with this series.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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