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Manga Review: Terra Formars Volume 6

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Terra Formars Volume 6 is set in the distant future, at a time when Earth is attempting to colonize Mars. Cockroaches and mold were sent there to help the process, but when the first humans arrived they were attacked by giant mutated cockroaches that possess incredible strength.

Terra Formars Volume 6

Terra Formars Volume 6

Written by: Yu Sasuga
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: May 19, 2015
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Volume 6 continues the battle between the mutated cockroaches and the genetically modified humans. The first three chapters focus on Keiji Onizuka, a member of the Annex I crew whose powers come from the Peacock Mantis Shrimp. These chapters provide a compelling backstory for this character as he fights against one of the mutant cockroaches. At this point, one of the strengths of Terra Formars is providing backstory and character development for the characters that are playing an important role in the story. This is quite a change from the first volume, where there was little to no character development, most of the characters represented stereotypes, and the majority of those characters were killed off by the end of Volume 1.

Later in Volume 6, there is also some character development for Akari Hizamaru. While he may not have received as many pages of development as Keiji did, the reader was provided enough to understand Akari’s background which helps to make him more sympathetic.

In addition to all of the action taking place with the fighting between the modified humans and the cockroaches, there’s also another mission taking place on Mars. This expedition finds some pyramids and they get quite the surprise when they see what’s inside. To me, it appears that they may have found some clues that might help explain some things about the mutated cockroaches. I expect that future volumes will touch on this topic in a little more depth than Volume 6 does.

Volume 6 had a similar problem to Volume 5 with the battle sequences. Sometimes these sequences would focus so much on the fighting that it wasn’t always clear which group was fighting the cockroaches. After a while, I figured out that this volume was focusing on members from Annex I, where Volume 5 had focused on Division 5.

While I didn’t forget as much about what happened in Volume 6 as I did with Volume 5 after I finished reading it, I did still have some issue with that. Volume 6 seemed to have a little more in the way of non-action sequences, such as the two backstories and the discovery in the pyramids that were memorable. But there are still a lot of battle sequences in this volume that whiz by really quickly and aren’t necessarily memorable in the long run.

Terra Formars Volume 6 should appeal to readers who have been following and enjoying the series from the very beginning. The series as a whole will only truly appeal to readers who enjoy science fiction stories featuring genetically modified humans and mutated creatures fighting violent battles on another planet.

The reviewer was provided a review copy from VIZ Media

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