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Manga Review: Terra Formars Volume 11

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Terra Formars Volume 11 is set in the distant future, during a time that Earth is trying to colonize Mars. Cockroaches and mold were sent to help speed up the process, but when the first humans arrived they were attacked by giant mutated cockroaches.

Terra Formars Volume 11

Terra Formars Volume 11

Written by: Yu Sasuga
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: March 8, 2016

Volume 11 sees two groups of humans on Mars, known as Divison 1 and Division 4. Division 4 is composed of traitors, and they are determined to make sure word of their treachery does not reach Earth. The members of Division 1 have infiltrated Annex 1 and are trying to reach the communications room in order to get a message to Earth about what’s been happening on Mars. Unfortunately for them, Division 4 is determined for them not to succeed. But the efforts of both sides are hampered by the arrival of some of the mutant cockroaches, who want to eliminate all of the humans.

With these three factions coming together over the course of Terra Formars Volume 11, it’s really not surprising that a lot of action involved in the story. However, even amidst all the fighting and the dramatic tension surrounding Division 1 trying to get a message to Earth, Sasuga still finds time to provide backstory for Wolf and Amelia, two of the members of Division 1. These backstories help the reader to not only better understand both of these characters, it also explains their actions and reactions to what’s happening around them. This volume also places some emphasis on Hong from Division 4, but she doesn’t receive as much of a focus as Wolf and Amelia do.

As I read Volume 11, it became abundantly clear that the story is heading closer to its conclusion. I admit that around the halfway point in this volume, I thought that perhaps it could potentially end here. However, a chapter or two later, I realized that there was no way that the story could end in this volume. From what I’ve seen, there’s supposed to be four more volumes left for Terra Formars, so the events depicted here are just setting the stage for the eventual finale.

When it comes to the art, Ken-ichi Tachibana continues using more detail for the mutant cockroaches than for any of the other characters. I also found it interesting that Xi, one of the female members of Division 4, is nude while in what should be an invisible state to most people. Even though Terra Formars has been given an “M” for mature rating, Tachibana didn’t draw Xi in such a way that her being nude was exploitative. I guess this is due in large part to the fact that she was drawn to not look solid, since most of the characters in the story are unable to see her.

Terra Formars Volume 11 should appeal to readers who have been following and enjoying the series. With this volume, readers are treated to the action sequences they’ve come to expect from this series, and also receive a little more character development to help them to better understand a couple of the characters. Fans of the series won’t want to miss out on what happens in Volume 11, since it establishes important plot points that should play an important part to the story in future volumes.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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