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Manga Review: Nisekoi: False Love Volume 10

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Nisekoi: False Love Volume 10 focuses on a high school boy named Raku Ichijo and the complications that arise with his pretend girlfriend, Chitoge Kirisaki. They’re forced into this relationship by their fathers in order to keep the peace between their rival yakuza gangs. But over time, Raku begins attracting other girls, which only complicates his already strange situation.

Nisekoi: False Love Volume 10

Nisekoi: False Love Volume 10

Written by: Naoshi Komi
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: July 7, 2015

Volume 10 starts out with a couple of stories that are light-hearted in nature. The first one sees Raku going to a bath house because the plumbing is shot at his house. By coincidence, three of the girls from his harem also show up at that exact same bath house. The owner puts Raku in charge when she has to step out for a little while, which leads to hijinks that involve the girls. This is one of those stories in the Nisekoi: False Love series that exists simply to cause problems for Raku and doesn’t accomplish anything in the way of character or plot development. Unfortunately, I tend to not enjoy these particular stories in the series, because all they ever include is Raku ending up in strange or embarrassing situations with some of the girls in the harem. When you’ve seen one story like this, you’ve basically seen them all. Only the location and the types of situations Raku finds himself in are different.

The second story sees Raku’s homeroom teacher, Ms. Kyoko, rope him into pool cleaning duty at school. He rounds up his friends and they work together to get the job done. They’re allowed to use the pool afterward, and the reader gets to see the characters enjoying themselves. While this was a light-hearted story, it also did provide a little bit of character development for Paula. Up to this point, Paula hasn’t been very social with her peers, and both Raku and Haru encourage her to take a chance and try to have fun with the others. It also appears that Haru is trying hard to become friends with Paula, so this could be a plot point that continues as the series progresses.

The next three chapters encompass the most serious story in Volume 10. Of the stories that appear in this volume, this one is my favorite. First, it starts out with Raku learning that Shu has a crush on a girl and trying to figure out who the girl is. At the same time, it’s revealed that their homeroom teacher, Ms. Kyoko, is getting married and leaving the school. It turns out that these two stories are related to one another, and I appreciated how this story arc shows that Shu is more than the one-dimensional goofball that he’s appeared to be up to this point in the series. To me, Nisekoi: False Love is at its best when it either focuses on the overarching storyline of the promise and the locket or on development that takes a character to another level. It’s just too bad the series places more emphasis on the light-hearted stories and the hijinks.

The next story sees Ruri informing Raku that Onodera is sick and needs someone to look after her. When Raku gets to Onodera’s house, he finds that Haru is also there. This story ultimately has Haru learning that Raku isn’t the bad guy that she thought he was, and Raku gets the locket back that Haru took into her possession in Volume 9. So this chapter ended up providing important character development for Haru and the relationship she has with Raku, as well as providing the potential for the overarching storyline of the promise and the locket to start moving forward.

The final three chapters in the volume see Chitoge becoming angry with Raku when he forgets her birthday is coming up, but Raku gets beaned in the head by a baseball and develops temporary amnesia. Unfortunately, the amnesia storyline isn’t resolved by the end of this volume. Personally, I’m not that impressed with this storyline, but something very important is discovered by one of the characters right at the end of the volume. I think the item that’s discovered is the only reason why this amnesia storyline exists.

I have to say that this is one of the better volumes that I’ve read for Nisekoi: False Love in a while. While I may not personally be a fan of this series, I only found a small amount of things to complain about this time. And if I was able to enjoy Nisekoi: False Love Volume 10 this much, I anticipate that fans of the series will have a strong appreciation for the storylines and the development that takes place for some of the characters.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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