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Manga Review: Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 5

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Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 5 focuses on a girl named Anise Yamamoto who has a special rose choker and discovers that she is the Rose Princess. Four of the male students at her school are the Rose Knights who serve her, but she learns there are also fake Rose Knights that exist.

Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 5

Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 5

Written by: Aya Shouoto
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: July 7, 2015

Volume 5 continues with the amusement park storyline that was starting up at the end of Volume 4. A major event happens that causes Anise to partially awaken one of her Rose Knights, and this event ties in to a major revelation that’s made later in the volume. When Mikage, a girl who wanted to go on a date with Kaede with Anise’s help was first introduced in the previous volume, I had a suspicion that she wasn’t what she seemed. Sure enough, that suspicion was proven correct. While we get a couple of revelations about Mikage, there really isn’t much follow-up on them in this volume. I suspect we’ll find out more about Mikage and her intentions in future volumes of Kiss of the Rose Princess.

But after the incident at the amusement park, both Mitsuru and Mutsuki suddenly stop coming to school. Anise is determined to find out what’s happening and wants to take Kaede and Seiran with her. They’re distracted when the two members of boy band Rhodecia are being chased by their fans, and Anise and her knights are swept into the situation. This leads our protagonists into an unusual situation when interviewers arrive and incorporate them into a photo shoot and interview with Rhodecia. Even though the two members of Rhodecia are among the fake Rose Knights, Anise finds she’s willing to help them out when they need it. While she doesn’t become friends with them, at least there’s a little more understanding between her and these fake Rose Knights. To me, it almost feels like Shouoto is building up to these two characters eventually becoming allies with Anise.

After that interruption, Anise, Kaede, and Seiran find they have to sneak their way into Mitsuru’s home. At first, this feels like this is simply here for comic relief, but by the end of the volume, Anise makes a very important discovery and has to do something drastic with one of her Rose Knights. And the very end of this volume turns out to be a major cliffhanger, because Mutsuki sees something he thinks he shouldn’t be. Hopefully Volume 6 will provide an explanation for how this can be happening, because this cliffhanger will cause a major change for Mitsuki as well as for the series as a whole.

Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 5 makes it clear that there’s a lot more to this story than simply having Anise and her Rose Knights searching for Arcana Cards. There was a hint of this in Volume 4 when the reader was introduced to the Fake Rose Knights, Orange Rose and Lime Rose. But the events that take place in Volume 5 expand on the concept of the Fake Rose Knights, and also introduce another new concept. Not surprisingly, Anise’s father is behind the Fake Rose Knights as well as this new development. These ideas and concepts add an interesting layer to Kiss of the Rose Princess, but I hope that Shouoto doesn’t try to make too many of these new layers and turn the series into an overly complicated and unwieldly story. I see a lot of potential with the new story elements that are coming into play, and hopefully this potential will manifest itself later in the series.

Readers who have been following and enjoying this series should appreciate the new story elements and layers that are introduced in Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 5.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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