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Manga Review: Assassination Classroom Volume 8

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Assassination Classroom Volume 8 features Koro Sensei, a powerful octopus creature that’s the homeroom teacher for Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He intends to destroy Earth within a year, unless the students in his class can assassinate him before the deadline. But even with assassination attempts going on, Koro Sensei still teaches his students and helps them to improve as people and as assassins.

Assassination Classroom Volume 8

Assassination Classroom Volume 8

Written by: Yusei Matsui
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: February 2, 2016

Volume 8 continues Class 3-E’s trip to an island resort in Okinawa. Someone has infected some of the students with a virus, and demands two particular students to come to a designated spot and hand over Koro Sensei. Karasuma, Irina, and the healthy students decide to use their skills to infiltrate the meeting spot and obtain the antidote that will save the infected students.

As the group carries out its infiltration mission, the story has a good mix of humor and drama. This includes getting to see some character growth happen for Karma, as well as the confusion over Nagisa’s gender being utilized in a humorous, yet helpful way. Even though Nagisa is part of a gag, his actions in the story are actually rather serious when he inspires a young man to change his ways. I thought the PSA about drugs that appeared on one of the pages in between chapters was a nice touch.

Assassination Classroom Volume 8 reveals the identity of the person who carried out the plan to infect the students and to get Koro Sensei in an attempt to win the reward money for the creature’s assassination. When the perpetrator’s identity is revealed near the end of the volume, it turns out to be someone who makes sense but isn’t necessarily the first person the reader thinks of when they try to guess the mastermind behind this plot. I thought the way that Matsui wrote this particular story arc was brilliant, even though it’s not entirely finished by the end of this volume. Even though the arc isn’t over, Matsui ended Volume 8 with a major cliffhanger, and it definitely makes the reader want to come back and read Volume 9 in order to find out what will happen next.

Volume 8 introduces several new characters, and each one has an unusual quirk about them. Matsui gave these particular characters more unusual character designs, which help to accentuate their quirks. I also thought Matsui did a good job of using shadows to try to hide the identity of the perpetrator until Karasuma and the others encounter this person face-to-face.

Assassination Classroom Volume 8 takes the storytelling of the series to a new level. While there’s still plenty of the humor readers expect from the series, the imminent danger to the characters makes this particular arc stand out from the previous stories presented in this series. This volume will have readers on their edge of their seat as they see how the storyline progresses, and fans of Assassination Classroom won’t want to put Volume 8 down after they start reading it.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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