Ryan Thomason

Major Movie Studios Staying Out of SDCC 2011 is a Good Thing

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John Carter, Real Steel, Superman reboot, Dark Knight Rises, and now The Avengers are among the other big movies that are staying away from SDCC this year. Hey at least Twlight: Breaking Dawn will be there! *Snort* Marvel is joining parent company Disney, plus Warner Bros. and the Weinstein Co., are all sitting out SDCC 2011. What this means is that the few movies like Cowboys & Aliens, 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man, and The Adventures of Tintin will for sure be there, trying to soak up the limelight with a bunch of people who will already go see their movies no matter what.

That’s the problem with trying to market geek movies at SDCC, you’re just preaching to the choir. Yeah, big surprise that when Scott Pilgrim Vs The World achieved near masturbatory status in the middle of the showroom floors with the geeks that were there bombed in the box office. ($60 Million in Cost vs $32 Mill in Box Office) The people behind the movie had even paid for a giant poster that covered half a damn building, what for? People were going to see it anyways, why build up the hardcore fan base into a rabid fervor when you know that their money is yours anyways all the way from theater release to Blu-Ray locked into your bank account already? It looks like Movie Studios are starting to realize that Comic Con doesn’t equate to box office draw.

I think it’s for the better that Movie Studios start to shy away from the build fan boy zombiefests that are comic conventions. You’re really taking a HUGE risk, you’ve already got people sold on the movie, so what happens when you premier some stuff and the geek community totally backlashes against it? That $100 Million investment just went down the shitter. Yeah you’ll still probably get the geeks to buy a ticket for opening night, but you’re not going to get the much needed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ticket purchase by the same people. Why risk it?

At least TV shows (we all know that networks are clamoring for more viewers) will get more attention, I’m looking forward to seeing more from Alcatraz, Game of Thrones, and Torchwood to name a few. Hopefully that the void left from Movie Stuidos departures will get them more buzz. Bleeding Cool has been doing great at keeping up on who’s going to be there this year, especially for TV.

Oh, and I guess that you know, making it more of a focus on Comic Books is probably a good thing too.

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