Magical E3 Rumour Adventures: Xbox Live Diamond Service

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No, that’s not some new even more expensive Xbox Live Gold type subscription, it’s the name of a rumoured subscription service that’s meant to debut at Microsoft’s Press Conference tomorrow. Codenamed Opara, it’s reportedly in last minute negotiations for a demo tomorrow, and Microsoft have been talking to various media companies about acting as a “virtual cable operator”. Obviously there will be a monthly fee for the service although they are suggesting that the service could be used by existing service owners to access their TV on the Xbox ala Sky Player over here in the UK. With that, you can watch a selection of on demand content offered by Sky, and depending on your subscription type, live IPTV. The Diamond service would give users Gold as well as the TV service basically.

In terms of a rumour, it seems likely that such a thing would happen. Microsoft more and more want the Xbox 360 to be an entertainment box rather than a console and there’s already the likes of the aforementioned Sky Player as well as Zune, Hulu, ESPN and Netflix on the service. Full live IPTV seems like the next logical step for them. Whether anyone really wants that is a whole different matter.

Source: WinRumors

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