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Magic The Gathering: Pro Tour Updates

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I don’t know if there was a huge crowd chanting “U..S..A! USA!” cause the Americans sure did seem to dominate at the Amsterdam stop on the MTG: Pro Tour. Paul Rietzl from Los Angeles, California took home the top prize, no word yet on how he fared at the Red Light District.

Pro Tour – Amsterdam was a three-day tournament where players from around the world gathered to test their skills. In addition to the main competition, Magic fans of all ages and skill levels enjoyed an extensive public event schedule, including an M-11 2-headed giant tournament as well as game demos, artist signings, Super Friday Night Magic and Champion Challenge where fans can compete with champions of Magic. It seemed like a great event for all of those who attended, and we here at WatchPlayRead are sad that we missed it. It looks like the first stop in the tour was actually held in the USA, so next year, expect us to be covering it more closely!

The Magic Pro Tour is the highest form of competitive play for the collectible trading card game. It is a series of top-level tournaments held throughout the world and run by the Wizards of the Coast Organized Play division. The next stop on the professional circuit will be the World Championships from December 9-12, 2010 in Chiba, Japan.

Rounding out the Top 8 was thusly, I think they were all hungry, or really, really excited that they were in Amsterdam:

Paul Rietzl – Los Angeles, California
Brad Nelson – Fargo, North Dakota
Marijn Lybaert – Welle, Belgium
Michael Jacob – Farmington Hills, Michigan
Kai Budde – Hamburg, Germany
Guilla Wafo-Tapa – Nantes, France
Brian Kibler – Oceanside, California
Thomas Ma – Chayenne, Wyoming

Editors Note:
WatchPlayRead has our own resident Magic Guru in Robert Chesley, BEWARE Pro Tour guys, I’m going to make sure that next year he comes and beats you all into little card like pulps.

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