Ryan Thomason

Magic – Premium Deck Series: Graveborn Available Today!

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One thing I love about this website more than anything, is being able to try new things I would never have done before.

I played MTG for all of a couple of months in 8th grade, while I had fun, it turned out I was too late into the craze that swept my school and everyone had moved onto something else. Like Pogs or some-crap. As I slowly learn more about the game of MTG I find myself looking around and even though I don’t have immediate friends to play with, there is a thriving community at my fingers now thanks to the internet.

Today marks the launch of the newest entry in the Magic: The Gathering Premium Deck Series, Graveborn! Basicall, the 60-card all foil deck brings back all of the badass creatures from all five colors of mana. Oh yes, Necromancy at it’s best. Not done there though, the deck includes 6 rare cards, in addition to an exclusive Spindown life counter, foil deck box, Magic strategy insert, and Magic learn-to-play guide for oldies trying to remember how to play properly.

All for the price of $34.99, which makes it perfect for this gift giving season for any of you buying for geeks out there. You better hurry to your local gaming retailers, this is actually only going to be a limited print run.

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