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Magic the Gathering: Theros #3

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MTG-Theros-03-pr-1-60e52Writer: Jason Ciaramella

Art: Martin Coccolo, Chris Evenhuis

Publisher: IDW

Release date: January 22nd, 2014

Price: 4.99$

Epic sea battle, ahoy!

Two words best to describe this comic, magic and seamen. Dack Fayden a delightfully roughish mage,  that has just stolen a magical artifact from a Sea Witch and Gorgon.  The Witch summons a giant sea monster to exact vengeance upon Dack and his hired ship, the Hadross. Dack tries to unlock the magic in the artifact and gauntlet while the crew of the Hadross have an epic nautical battle against the sea monster. See? magic and seamen. Wait what were you thinking?

Bodily fluids aside, this comic’s epic sea battle is great. Martin Coccolo, and Chris Evenhuis do a great job keeping the chaotic battle easy to follow with out losing any excitement. Transitions between the captain of the Hardoss, Vog, and his motley crew’s fight against the deep water beast, and Dack’s frustrations at his newest trinket are seamless. Plus they’re kraken is stellar. That is one well drawn, nightmarish sea creature, my friends.

Dack’s dry inner monologue gives you a good chuckle through out the story. I relate to characters that have such different inner dialogue with themselves than those they have with the world around them. Those that still have time to think of clever one liners while a giant crab monster is about to destroy them, are always going to be a good read. with this, Jason Ciaramella’s doesn’t disappoint. He also gives us a pretty classic fantasy story without being too clique or boring, familiar but still keeps our interest.

While I’m not into the Magic, The Gathering card game I’ve always thought it’s universe to be interesting. This comic series brings its world and all it’s heroes and legends to you with out having the Card Game God suck out your soul. Dack Fayden is a fun likeable character who’s quest to unlock the secrets of his now completed gauntlet will be action packed and show more of the Magic, the Gathering world. I’m hoping the rest of his adventures are as epic as his sea journey was!


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