A Mad Monster Party in Seattle on Friday, October 3, 2014

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It was nice to be able to attend a convention for once without having to be in a rush or get coverage. Usually I am busy announcing at Crypticon or getting pictures and interviews at other ones. This time around, I just went for “shits and giggles.” I still covered it for all of you, though! This convention was perfect for me distance wise as it less than an hour from me. My girlfriend and I met up with one of my old friends and we headed down to join the Mad Monster Party when it opened its doors.


My girlfriend and I at the entrance to Mad Monster

Upon arrival, we could tell it was a bit of a small affair. The vendor room was tiny and one could make a round in about two minutes. The booths were few and far between too. Attendance seemed down with only a few people here and there, but I attributed that to Friday (most conventions have that slow day).

Right near the entrance there was a good sized line into another room. I found out that this was for former KISS drummer Peter Criss. It seemed he was the definite star of the show. I first made my way over to a couple of old friends who I had previously worked with, CJ Graham (Jason, Part 6) and David Katims (Chuck-Part 3) from the Friday The 13th films. I got to catch up with both of them before making my rounds. Among the guests were Marky Ramone, Roddy Piper (who was missing in action), The  Rocky Horror Picture Show cast members and a Fright Night reunion. That was the main draw for me!

Thankfully, due to the low volume of attendees, it left plenty of time to chat with the guests. I got to chat with Fright Night stars William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse (Marcy D’Arcy!), Chris Sarandon and Stephen Geoffreys. It was nice to get time to chat with each individually and this was one of the highlights for me.


Evil Ed himself, Stephen Geoffreys



In the middle of a Fright Night sandwich with William Ragsdale and Amanda Bearse.



Killer Klown attack!


After making the round a few times on the panel floor (and trust me, that didnt take long in the tiny vendor room), we decided to make our way to the panel room to see horror legend Angus Scrimm. It took a while as the room was hidden upstairs and there weren’t many signs. Neddless to say, we got lost a few times. We finally made it though and took our seats right up front for:

Phantasm Panel with Angus Scrimm

Known around the world as the Tall Man from the Phantasm films, Angus Scrimm proved to be very personable in his panel. It was great to see him up there and he seemed to be able to defy his almost 90 year old age and didn’t miss a beat. He seemed like an encyclopedia of Hollywood knowledge as he shared stories of his early years on the scene, including run-ins with Cecil B. Demille. Much to the delight of the fans in attendance, he shared many Phantasm stories and did Tall Man quotes on several occasions. When the floor opened up to questions, I got to ask him a tough one about his alter ego ‘The Lady in Lavender’ and how she lures his victims in (“Does that make the Tall Man gay?” I said). He had a good laugh over that and knew exactly what I was talking about, explaining how odd it was for him as well. We got to meet him after and he graciously took a picture with us.




The Rocky Horror Picture Show panel with Barry Bostwick, Little Nell and Patricia Quinn

Immediately following the Phantasm panel, the room started to quickly fill up for the next one on the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This one turned out to be one of the most entertaining panels I have ever seen. All three of the stars went down the line trading quips back and forth (example: “How did you get the role?”- Nell: “I auditioned”, Quinn: “I slept with the director”). They talked about the original production and making the jump to film. They shared stories from behind the scenes, Tim Curry stories and talked a lot about the film’s impact. They joked around the entire time and engaged the crowd in their antics fully. The girls shouted out each other’s room numbers even. Apparently, I completely missed a joke that Bostwick directed at me about coming up to his room later. I thought he meant his table! It was a fun panel all around and you really got sucked into their zaniness. There was  even a midnight screening the following night of the film that they attended!



My girlfriend with the cast of her favorite film!


After leaving the panel, we headed back down to the convention floor. Unfortunately, it seemed like most people were already packing up and heading out. Peter Criss was gone as were the Friday The 13th guys and Roddy Piper (of course he was barely there to begin with and was the last one to arrive). I managed to use this time to browse some of the vendors and talk with many of them. I also stopped and chatted with Jonathan Stark and Art Evans from Fright Night for quite a while. It was nice that the crowd was so sparse as nobody seemed to be in a rush. Well, except for Doyle from The Misfits. Even with nobody at his table, he seemed very unapproachable and unresponsive. Granted, he was the same way in LA the week before. Ah well, there’s always one. My girlfriend and friend had a nice long chat with Ogre from Skinny Puppy and Repo though and said he was their favorite guest. I only saw him for a minute, but he did seem very cool.


Jonathan Stark of Fright Night



Art Evans of Fright Night. He was one of my favorite guests. We talked for quite a while about my voice and he gave me some great career advice!



Some of the awesome masks on display from Trick or Treat studios. I just wish I had more money at the time! (Hint, hint- Christmas is coming up!)



It finally reached that time for us to hit the road. You can only wander around the same area so many times. Although it was very small and barely attended, I had a lot of fun at Mad Monster Party! Apparently it was slow for them the entire weekend sadly from what I heard. I do hope that the Mad Monster folks didn’t get discouraged over the attendance, though. I think it could grow and I hope to see them back in Seattle again. Well, that’s it for my Mad Monster coverage. Happy Halloween!

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