Alan Smithee

“MacBook Touch” more like “FapBook Touch-Me”

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Apple, good god…why do you keep coming up with ideas that make me want to buy your products? Take for example the new MacBook Touch that’s been leaked to the internet.

This $699-$799 piece of hardware is set to compete with the Netbook market (I was wondering when Mac was going to try to profit off that niche) and has a 10″ touchscreen display and is apparently being suggested by Apple and other websites that this is going to become Apple’s new gaming platform.

I for one applaud my corporate overlords and can’t wait to be an early adopter for this slab of hardware. I know our very own Ryan Wilson will have a few choice words about this new product, but I’m gonna just have to ignore him for the next couple of months.

Expect more as we see it, the MacBook Touch is slated to be released as early as November.

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