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LRE #22: Batman: Under the Red Hood

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Little Red Envelope

In my mailbox this week:
Batman: Under the Red Hood

Release Year: 2010
Staring: Jensen Ackles, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Isaacs,

What happens, when one of your greatest allies, becomes your worst enemy. Under the Red Hood chronicles what could be Batman’s greatest challenge yet, in stunning beauty.

A major loss has rocked batman to the core, and after some time, he has finally pulled himself together. Batman is put to the test, when a new ultra-violent criminal starts to wrack up the kill count, using the criminal underworld as bate.

The Red Mood starts to overthrow the existing criminal syndicate, lead by the Black Mask; but the Black Mask won’t sit still for it. He will do anything to put a stop to the Red Hood, and his one-man army. Batman joins forces with his former sidekick, Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, in order to try and bring peace back to the night.

Pretty good premise, and oh boy was this film a lot of fun. It’s short, at only 75 minutes, but is beautifully animated. The cell shaded, mixed with CGI sequences are perfectly scored and excellently foiled. Add in a little Neil Patrick Harris as Dick Grayson, and you have yourself a winner.

The film was fairly violent, for an animated flick, which makes it easy to understand why it was a direct to DVD release. The intensity with which the Red Hood takes his victims, is wonderful. And how the story of the Red Hood is filled in, makes for a truly enthralling watching experience.

Bringing the Joker into play, and using the Joker as his former identity of the original Red Hood bring homage to the Alan Moore retelling of the origin of the Joker. But the Joker, is really the star of this show. This is perhaps one of my favorite personifications of the Joker character to have been made in a movie, save for Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

The Joker is pure evil, and the way he is brought to life honestly captures that. Batman’s greatest villain, unfortunately becomes his necessary assistant, as Batman turns to the Joker to try and find out more information on just who the Red Hood really is.

And when Batman does find out? Well, I don’t want to ruin that one, if you don’t already know the answer.

A great movie, targeted towards the older Batman fan. Kids will probably find the story to be too dark for their tastes; I almost did. But as a late night movie, this is fantastic.

How painful was it: Not at all. I loved it
Rating: 9/10. I am not a Batman buff, but I knew enough of the characters to totally understand what was going on. And was completely enthralled with the story.

The Wife’s Retort: NA. She didn’t watch it with me ;-)

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