Lovefilm coming to Xbox 360 (Because I dreamt about it)

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It was revealed last night after I went to sleep and had a few random dreams that UK rental service Lovefilm will be coming to the Xbox 360 at an unspecified date, or at least that’s what I interpreted my dream as. In the dream, Lovefilm showed how the service will be available from the video marketplace, complete with a red background when it is highlighted. From there, it looked like there was a separate download priced at either £19.99 or 1999MSP (Well my dreams are usually blury). Whether this is for a subscription to the service itself or to use it on the Microsoft console may or may not be confirmed when I go to bed tonight. I’ll also keep an eye out on whether you need Xbox Live Gold. Other than that, it looked like the traditional marketplace layout.

An interesting development indeed, considering Xbox Live already has it’s own video marketplace as well as the Sky Player service in the UK. Lovefilm is closest to the British equivalent of Netflix so it’ll be curious to see how the two services compare on the console. Lovefilm also offers game rentals, so I’d consider using it if I could rent Xbox 360 games as part of my subscription. Of course, this all happened in my dreams, but if we’re basing posts on what one analyst says, then surely news based on dreams is fair game. Or maybe, it wasn’t a dream. Wait, am I even posting this in the real world? OH GOD.

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