Lost Season 6 gains an extra hour. Rejoice!

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Lost is hands down my favorite television program ever and come May next year when it’s final season wraps I’m going to be at a loss, no other show has kept me on the edge of my seat (and confused) like Lost has.  Fans of the show will already know that season 5 ran short at only 17 episodes (compared to the usual 22) and season 6 was meant to be running for the same amount of episodes.   Well season 6 must be packed full of awesome because the powers that be have announced that Lost season 6 is going to have an extra episode!  For people that aren’t fans of Lost, this news isn’t going to change your life but for die hard fans of the show every minute counts and with rumours that episode 1 and episode 18 will be two hour episodes there’s going to be a lot of Lost come next January.

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