James Helsby

Live-action Akira remake gets a known screen writer

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Perhaps it’s good news, but most likely it isn’t. Warner Brothers has found a screen writer to take on the awesome responsibilities of turning Katsuhiro Otomo’s cyber-punk manga series ‘Akira’ (published between 1982 – 1990) and adapted into one of the most iconic Anime films ever made, in 1988).

Steve Kloves, is probably most known for turning the Harry Potter series of books into screenplay for the films (all except #5), might bring something positive to the series. But seeing as how there is already cinematic precedence for the film (in the Anime), I can’t help but feel that any adaptation will be lacking the real grit and emptyness that I always felt watching the 1988 version.

But Akira has the potential to be a true masterpiece. Just as long as it isn’t turned into a children’s movie. I mean, it is violent, bloody violent. With scenes of rape and torture. Will those make it into the adaptation? Most likely not.

Expect your PG13/PG Akira in theaters in 2013.


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