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Little Red Envelope #5: The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

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In my mailbox this week:
The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

Release Year: 2004
Staring: Vin Diesel, Rhiana Griffith, Keith David

This direct to video animated special, fills in the blanks between the two movies Pitch Black, and The Chronicles of Riddick. Encompassing only 35 minutes, there isn’t really too much you can expect from this it. But, as short as it was, it was 100% Riddick; and that is a good thing.

The Japanese term for this type of film would be OVA. Original Video Animation. It’s short, and succinct. It gets to the point, and assumes you know what you need to know about Riddick, Jack, and the Emam. The story picks up exactly where Pitch Black left off, and leaves you roughly where Riddick picks up.

I have got to say, I was a huge fan of Pitch Black. I found it to be one of the most enjoyable moves to come out in that time, and was rather original in its scope. It was a true action-horror, unlike may others that were being developed around that time. When the Chronicles of Riddick was released in 2004, it had a lot of expectations. I know to many, it missed the mark, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Dark Fury fills the nitch those two moves have created. Perfectly voiced as Riddick, Vin Diesel delivers exactly what you would expect. Riddick is a character that delivers intense action, sincerity, and cruelty at the same moments. He never really does anything horrible, but his actions are themselves without remorse. He will just as soon slit your throat, as he would stop a bullet with your name on it.

The animation is top notch. Done by the same creator as Aeon Flux, the characters are long, and vibrant. The action is intense, and bloody. Splashes of CGI don’t really seem to fit in too well, but I will give it slack, since this is early CGI integration.

So Dark Fury is good, but not great. At only 35 minutes long, it really can be skipped if you haven’t seen it. It really helps to fill in some of the blanks in the story arc of Riddick, but isn’t essential. If at this point you were a fan of Pitch Black, and The Chronicles of Riddick, and happened to walk past the bargain bin at your local video store, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up for $4.99. But is it worth $20 now? 9 years after it’s initial release? No.

But that is why Netflix is so great.

How much alcohol did it take: 1 Vodka Sprite with a splash of orange juice
Rating: 5/10. It was good, the animation was great, the plot was great. But it really was way too short. I didn’t even realize it was only 35 minutes long, until it was done, and I was trying to find the next chapter on the disk.

The Wife’s Retort: none applicable. this was James alone.

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