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Who let the creatures out?! Capture Creatures #1 Review

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Capture Creatures #1 from BOOM! Studios is a quite young all-ages comic featuring barely any creatures in the first issue but lots of exaggerated fun!

Capture Creatures


WRITER: Paul Gibson
ARTIST: Becky DreistadtKelly Bastow
COLORIST: Tracy Liang
LETTERER: Brett Wilson
RELEASE DATE: November 26, 2014

Know a kid in your life that would like Capture Creatures #1? Pick up a copy now.

In Capture Creatures, we meet a young girl named Tamzen and Jory, an intern in Tamzen’s father’s lab. Tamzen convinces Jory to go explore their world which is full of manufactured dirt and trees grown elsewhere and moved. While exploring, the pair run into a strange, catlike creature and realize that there’s more to the world than they originally thought. It’s a bright, adorable story of bicycle chases and childish antics with the hint of future danger.

The artwork, by Becky Dreistadt and Kelly Bastow, was my favorite thing about this comic. It’s like a mix between Cartoon Network’s more recent shows (Clarence or Adventure Time) and manga. The creature, and even the humans, are round and bubbly. The antics that Tamzen and Jory get up to are physically funny, which is what reminded me of manga. Tracy Liang’s colors are bright and tropical – perfect for the environment that the pair are exploring. At first there seemed to be an absence of dialogue, but in the end, that left most of the storytelling to the artists, and this worked out really well, in my opinion.

The absence of the dialogue or script is what made this one so very young. It’s an all-ages comic, but it’s very obviously geared toward the younger end of that spectrum. Because of that, I didn’t really get a lot of the jokes nor was I as entertained if I was, say, a 10 year old. However, Gibson doesn’t let the comic be too kiddy or dumb. The characters still develop. There’s still the threat of danger and what’s to come.

The first half of the issue or so felt a little long. I was ready to get to the creatures and see what I would assume is the whole point of this comic. Once it got there, it was pretty fun, and I would be interested in reading another issue. I would recommend this one to fans of Pokemon and new worlds. The kids I babysit would love Capture Creatures.

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