Alan Smithee

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – GDC Trailer

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I hate to be ‘that guy’ but I haven’t enjoyed a Legend of Zelda game since Minish Cap. I can only hope that Nintendo turns the series back to more of that style with their newest version of the Link rescue Zelda series in Skyward Sword.

However, just by making the game on the Wii…it’s already coming in at a disadvantage because I despise the current trend of motion gaming. Eh, maybe I should drop 20 pounds or so and stop complaining?

Regardless of my feelings toward the feelings of deja-vu that I get playing any Zelda game, and of my extreme laziness, this game does look pretty damn awesome and I’m sure will make Nintendo tons of cash considering you can’t get many of their AAA first-party games cheap anywhere, even used.

The game is still listed as TBD 2011 for everyone. But if I had to guess, it’ll be sometime in September.

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