Evan Burkey

The Legend Continues In Anchorman 2

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Anchorman 2 provides exactly what you expect: a stupid movie that keeps you laughing from start to finish. But is it worth your box office money?

I wasn’t expecting much in from the plot of Anchorman 2, as I figured it would basically exist as a vehicle to move the jokes along. I was right. The basic idea is that Ron Burgundy gets his old news team back together to join the first 24 hour cable network, cleverly named GNN. This leads to a very similar plotline as the first film, in that Ron and friends get on top through a series of ridiculous events, and then they have a fall from grace. Anchorman 2‘s plot pretty much devolves into pure randomness by the 2nd act, and once again only exists as a vehicle to move the one-liners and running gags through.

While Anchorman 2‘s plotline is shallow, the jokes are absolutely hilarious. Only once or twice did the audience kind of roll their eyes; most of the humor in this film hit hard. I admittedly am not a hard person to get laughing, but Anchorman 2 had me in stitches from start to finish. While the humor is mostly one liners and non-sequiturs, there were some fantastic nods to the early days of cable news, and the film does brand itself as a very light satire of the rise of the 24 hour news cycle and its destruction of pre-1980s journalism.

The worth of seeing Anchorman 2 in the theaters really boils down to whether Will Ferrel’s stupid brand of humor is your bag. I personally enjoyed the film quite a bit, but I can see how many people will be turned off by the random and ridiculous humor. Anchorman 2 was obviously written for fans of the first film. If you really enjoyed Anchorman back in 2004, and haven’t grown out of its silly trademark humor, then a trip to the cinema would be a good way to spend your time. Otherwise, I’d recommend waiting for the small screen.

While this film is not for everyone, if the style of humor appeals to you then Anchorman 2 is definitely worth seeing. The jokes are non-stop and will have you in stitches from start to finish. 8 out of 10

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