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Kelsey Grammers ‘Boss’ Premiered on Starz, You Should be Watching

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If you want to see what I consider probably the best political show of damn cool shit on TV get the damn Starz channel already.

Boss premiered Friday Night (October 21st) it gripped me from the start, and never let go. Chicago mayor Tom Kane is a ruthless mother-f’r, the iron fist that does whatever he has to do to get his plan done. When we talked to Kelsey about the show, one of the common questions that was asked of him was if he was taking any cues from current politicians. Adamantly, he kept saying that the way he played the character Tom Kane wasn’t based off anybody else, it was his interpretation alone. He does it in a way though, that you just can only nod your head and assume that is just the way things are done.

Clearly Grammer is using his serious acting chops on this show, it’s not Frasier in anyway, this is just such a well done show on so many levels. The political wheelings and dealings, the different boroughs of Chicago all working in some way against or for each other, but Kane in the center, manipulating them all. When you see Kane struggling to deal with the news of his degenerative disease that he has it’s almost capturing the human soul to me. I know what the feeling is like, and Grammer nailed it.

If you loved West Wing, this show is right up your alley. I never got into West Wing at all, Boss is on a level all on it’s own, there is no show like it on any network right now. You’re really going to be missing out on the fun if you wait to catch it on DVD or disregard it because it’s on the Starz movie channel network.

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