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Jurassic Park is Back in 3D!

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Of course you saw this coming right? The perennial Dinosaurs will eat everyone, Jeff Goldblum type casting as the smart dude that figures things out, and the T-Rex of awesome all in 3D.

Jurassic Park in 3D is set for a July 19, 2013 release, just about a month past its 20th anniversary. Obviously it’ll be post-converted 3-D but really should we care? Enough movies do it now a days where it is utterly unnecessary, I think this is a movie where 3D could benefit it. I have no qualms with the original, I’ve seen it enough times that I welcome a little change. Just think of it as going from DVD to Blu-Ray to 3D in the Theaters. There, that wasn’t so bad was it? It’s the same damn movie, just meant for you to experience it in a different way. Hell if TITANIC can get a 3D remake to leech more money from women that have already made it a billion dollar plus movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if Total Income from Titanic clamored over 2 Billion dollars after the 3D addition of Kate WInslets nipples and Leo DiCaprio sinking into the water. Ok, I saw Titanic ONCE, that’s all I remember from the movie.

Ok, maybe after replacing the guns in E.T. with walkie-talkies, Spielberg vowed to never again digitally alter any of his films as his buddy George Lucas did. This is a bit different. I remember my Uncle Tony taking us to see this movie with my cousin Kristin, I’m sure others where there but I can’t remember who else went with us. Back on track. I vividly remember the scene where the Raptors were chasing the kids through the labs or whatever. They climbed into the ceiling vent and one of the Raptors jumped up and snapped at a stray leg only to miss at the last second. I nearly jumped out of my seat when that happened. In 1993, 2D theater in the armpit town of Washington State. Thinking about seeing that scene in gloriously rich 3D, hopefully with MY dinosaur crazed son? I’m STOKED. Hell, there are NUMEROUS scenes that I’m sure pop into your head where you’re now thinking, “MMMMM, I can’t wait to see that part in 3D” Any scene with the T-Rex will do.

Don't steal Dino DNA in Corporate Espionage kids!

Especially when Newman gets spit on. Especially that part.

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