Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games #1 Mini Review – Welcome Back to Isla Nublar

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Have you ever found yourself wondering what happened to all the dinos from that first Jurassic Park movie? Or maybe, what would happen if a drug kingpin purchased Isla Nublar? No, me neither…but now those unasked questions may be answered. Jurassic Park Dangerous Games #1 introduces Agent Espinoza, an intelligence agent who has been working undercover for a drug kingpin. Until he’s found out and sent to fend for himself on the original Jurassic Park island.

While the premise of the story has been done in countless books and movies I still found this introductory story fun to read. Those familiar with the original Jurassic Park movie will recognize parts of the island and it is entertaining to see the island being put to more nefarious purposes (not that things worked out well for everyone in the movie).

The only downside to this first issue is much of it is back story so you really don’t see too many dinos. The artwork has more of an old Saturday morning cartoon feel to it (think G-Force or Johnny Quest) especially with some of the characters facial expressions. The issue also ends on enough of a cliffhanger to make we want to pick up the next one to see where it goes next.



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