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Join Us for the Week of Crom!

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Prepare yourself, because this week is guaranteed to grow hair on your chest!

Long visitors of the website should know by now that we at WatchPlayRead have an unnatural obsession with Conan the Barbarian. Hell, a quick search for “Crom” nets a whopping 9 pages of results. So, as you can probably guess, we got more than a little excited when we heard that our favorite Cimmerian was returning to the big screen.

So much so, that we’ve decided to dedicate an entire week to the enemy crushing, lamentation listening badass!

Today begets the Week of Crom, a 5-day crash course that should help you learn to live the Conan lifestyle. Some of the things to look forward to this week include:

– Meals so manly, you’ll expect them to fight back!
– How to make your hobbies more Hyborian
– Potent drinks by the stein-full
– Conan’s ventures through media

All this leads up to the movie premiere of Conan the Barbarian on Friday, where we will debut an all new review style. Tired of the carefully worded, often overly preachy (or criticizing) reviews published many hours after the reviewer has last seen the source material? Wouldn’t you rather hear the opinions on a movie right after the reviewer has left the theater?

We thought so.

It’s about to get manly up at WatchPlayRead. Join us, will you?

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