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JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER: WITCHES #1 is the Prettiest Childhood Storybook in a Comic

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S.M. Vidanni has created a beautiful fairy tale full of gorgeous illustrations in Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches #1 published by BOOM! Studios.

StorytellerWitches #1 cover

WRITER: S.M. Vidaurri
ARTIST: S.M. Vidaurri
COLORIST: S.M. Vidaurri
LETTERER: S.M. Vidaurri
PUBLISHER: BOOM! Studios – Archaia imprint
RELEASE DATE: September 17, 2014

Get your own copy ofn Jim Hensons Storyteller Witches #1 and transport to fairy tale land!

There is a kingdom in which a young prince will soon be made king, with the crown his father fashioned for him with the tallest branches of The Great Tree. Unfortunately, when the prince is kidnapped by a witch, his older sister, the princess, must set out into the forest to find him. Little does she know that the Lord of the Forest, an iron-clad spirit, watches over everything in the forest, and he waits for her.

S.M. Vidanni is an amazing artist. Each page of this comic is full of a beautiful combination of text and illustrations. Sweeping swirls, fairy tale borders of flowers and branches, and delicate colors and text make this comic book just gorgeous. Although they are pretty, the pages don’t flow easily from one to the next; rather they stand alone in and of themselves. Instead of being a line of panels throughout the issue, almost every illustration is a full-page. In the few times it isn’t, the panels are framed in branches, flowers, mice, or other illustrations. I loved all of this, but, along with the fact that the colors are often completely different on each page, this makes for a sometimes unsteady flow.

The story in this first issue, titled “The Magic Swan Goose and the Lord of the Forest,” is the epitome of traditional storytelling. It has all the classic elements – witches, curses, magic forests, princes and princesses – but it’s also got a surprising feminist and environmentalist message.

I read a digital version of this one, but I’ll be buying a physical copy. Imagine the prettiest, most elaborate storybook you had as a child; this is better. Even though the pages and coloring sometimes made for a jumpy comic, the pages are beautiful enough to want to frame on your wall. The story was a wonderful fairy tale with an updated message. Loved this one.

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