Japanese version of Homefront featuring lack of North Korea

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Are you in Japan and were looking forward to fighting the North Koreans in THQ’s upcoming game Homefront? Well unfortunately for you, the country is being wiped out of the Japanese version. These changes have been made because  of CERO’s guidelines (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization) regarding how current people and countries are portrayed. Because of the game’s storyline, all references to North Korea will be removed. These include the game’s opening sequence where the death of Kim Jong-il will be removed, areas in the game where North Korea is mentioned (this will now be a country to the north) and leader of the Unified Korea in the game will be referred to as the Northern Leader.

I guess it’s not surprising that these references have been removed in Japan, given it’s locale and the fear of whether North Korea would kick up a fuss. That being said, I’m sure North Korea is much more concerned with other things that their portrayal in a video game.

Source: Spike via Andriasang

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