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It Came from Japan – Fate/Zero

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Shatters all notions of a prequel by actually being good.


Director: Ei Aoki
Animation Production: ufotable
Publisher: Aniplex (Sub)/Viz Media (Dub)
Price: $454.98-$498.98/set (2 sets) See update below

Dubbed version was provided to reviewer by a review subscription of Neon Alley.

Fate/Zero takes place prior to the events of Fate/stay night, meaning that if you’ve experienced either the visual novel, manga, or anime adaptation, you should know exactly how it’s going to end. Against my better judgement, I decided to forgo the popular opinion and start my Fate/stay night journey with Fate/Zero.

I’m happy to report that ignorance was indeed bliss by this decision, as I was not only able to keep up with the story with minimal confusion, but I got the added bonus of being genuinely surprised by the ending. Without knowing the fate of this eclectic cast of characters, I was able to become invested in their journey, where a prequel watcher would normally be concentrating more on the events leading up to the original.  

Subbed or Dubbed?

Either! The voice talent cast in both versions is absolutely phenomenal.

Is the series worth the physical disc premium?

At nearly one thousand dollars to own the series in its entirety, I can’t recommend buying the discs until you are already an established fan of the Fate/Stay Night universe. The physical discs came out a year ago, so the English dub is nowhere in sight. The import premium just isn’t worth it.

UPDATE!: We have been informed that Aniplex has just announced a re-release of the series on Blu-ray and DVD at a much more reasonable rate of $187.98/$87.98 and $174.98/$74.98 for Set 1 and 2, respectively. While we still believe that these are still ridiculous prices to pay for a series that only lasted 25 episodes, this new release will include the English dub. The DVD release will be pretty much your standard barebones release, while the Blu-ray release will exclusively include an interview DVD, soundtrack, booklet, and collectible card each. If that is worth $100 extra to you, then, by all means, get this release when it comes out November 5th and December 31st of this year.


Crunchyroll (subbed)
Hulu (subbed)
Neon Alley (dubbed)
Aniplex USA (for high rollers only) Set 1/Set 2

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