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Irredeemable #28 – Mini Review

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It’s about a week late, but I’ve just finished going through the stack of comics I got from my hold.

Yeah, I really should have jumped on this issue last week as I was on the edge of my seat after the happenings in issue #27, which I’m going to recap for you right now…so yeah, prepare yourself for SPOILERS!

So when we finished last issue with Qubit and Modeus being stranded on the prison planet after accidentally releasing The Plutonian and his three new generals, I just knew that this issue would be the one to read…and hoo boy, our good friend and serial killer the Plutonian is back with a vengeance, literally.

His first piece of business after arriving back on Earth was to immediately let everyone know (at least in North America) that he had returned and he was none too happy about being forced to live on a prison planet thanks to the meddling by Qubit. I won’t go into too much detail about what he does exactly, but it’s a pretty damn harsh gesture if you ask me. The issue is oddly reminiscent of the beginning of the series as now we have a megamaniacal once superhero tearing up the Earth and laying waste to the new Paradigm. It’s just like old times.

There are quite a few game changers that happen this issue that make me wonder if we’re going to have their effects show up in the spin-off book Incorruptible.

I thought that this series had jumped the shark after the Plutonian was gone from Earth and they were attempting to rebuild, but I’m glad to see that Mark Waid has decided to bring it back to its roots except to the Nth degree since he brought back new villains for Paradigm to handle.

I love the concept for this series and in my opinion, you can’t get much scarier of a villain than an all seeing and all hearing God who can fly at near relativistic speeds and bring down entire nations on a whim. Seriously, just imagine Superman after he got fed up with our petty bullshit.

The most interesting tidbit in this issue is that the United States was essentially on the brink of establishing a one-world government with our allies like Brazil, Japan, and the other economic powers of the world. I can’t help but think of The Watchmen when a great evil causes the entire planet to suck it up and get along with each other.

Who knows, maybe one day, the citizens of that planet will be grateful of the Plutonian…yeah right. You don’t ever see monuments and t-shirts proclaiming all of the ‘good’ works of mass murderers like Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Pol Pot.

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